Our fee based registered investment advisory services offered through RK Asset Management are designed for use with your mutual funds, annuities, stocks and bonds. By providing a low annual fee for assets under management rather than charging traditional commissions, we will be able to help provide you with a cost effective solution to consistent professional money management. We have access to best-of-breed programs, services and technology, and the benefit of independent pricing. RK Asset Management does not offer proprietary programs. We will always sit on same side of the table with our clients; striving to always be an example of un-biased guidance and trusted advice.

The different programs offered are:

Choice Advisor– Unlimited flexibility in a low cost non-discretionary account managed by the advisor. Accessible investment options include 4,500 no-load mutual funds, stocks, bonds, alternative investments, and conservative option strategies.
Choice UMA– A sophisticated Unified Managed Account creates a diversified portfolio featuring multiple investment products and premier investment managers including separate accounts, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds all in one core account.
Choice SMA –  A professional investment management program that can help clients structure and pursue a disciplined investment strategy. Traditionally designed for high net worth clients seeking access to institutional portfolio managers, account minimums start at just $100,000.
Choice ETF –  A simple, cost efficient, professionally managed account consisting of Exchange Traded Funds, this platform is ideal for smaller accounts seeking stability of investment with low expenses.
Choice Fund – Comprised exclusively of Non-Transaction Fee (NTF) mutual funds, this account offers 1,500 no-load and/or load waived funds. Designed for maximum investment choices and flexibility with low cost of entry, this account is especially well suited for first time investors.
Choice Annuity – Management of existing variable annuity sub-accounts, and dedicated solely to management of existing variable annuities, this program is ideal for all clients seeking active investment of their sub-accounts.
Choice MSA– A multi-strategy account utilizing preset models designed to integrate a variety of investment strategies, products and asset clases.

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